S.B. Barnes Associates - Consulting Structual Enginners


Members of the firm have conducted inspections, written reports and prepared designs for many clients, including individuals, insurance companies, attorneys, and adjusters on special problems encountered in the building industry such as settlement, landslides, earthquake risk, earthquake damage, industrial accidents, construction accidents, deep excavation shoring, structural failures, drainage, and development and evaluation of systems. In the field of Research and Development, the services include establishment of test programs, analysis of test data, and development of new contruction materials and systems. Particular emphasis has been placed upon the preparation of data necessary for building code agency general approvals.

In addition to the Associates of the firm, a staff of registered Civil and Structural Engineers, designers, draftsmen and administrative personnel are maintained to meet the needs of the work at any given time. To date, no project has been too small nor too large for the firm to handle. Regardless of the size of project, the Associates have given to each the same quality of professional service.

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