S.B. Barnes Associates - Consulting Structual Enginners


The professional services of the firm since its inception have centered on the design of the structural components of buildings. Services have included marine and civil engineering work, and include the use of all types of materials, such as structural steel, cold formed steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, reinforced masonry, and wood. They include the design of foundations and superstructures of industryial, commercial, educational and governmental structures, airport, shipyard and marine facilities. Continuing expansion and changes of industrial needs involving plant and equipment require not only new plant facilities but special equipment support systems, manufacturing transportation systems, paving, drainage, and utilities.

The changing and developing profession of structural engineering requires that a continuing effort be maintained to keep abreast of current accepted practice and development of new design techniques. Toward this end, we have furnished services for special development of design techniques such as co-authoring portions of "Seismic Design of Buildings" for the military service and special reports and articles of the Applied Technology Concil, National Bureau of Standards and the Development of Housing and Urban Developement. Firm members have contributed many papers at technical society meetings, particularly in the field of earthquake engineering.

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