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The firm, which is now S. B. Barnes Associates, was founded in 1933 by Mr. Barnes. Over the years, new associates have been admitted, while some have retired so that today there are two active principals, each highly qualified registered Civil and Structural Engineers. The principals of the firm not only serve the firm but their profession and the public as well by giving freely of their time to the various professional organizations and to public and civic affiars.

To keep abreast of advances in technology in the field and in order to serve its clients more efficiently and economically, the firm has developed and constantly updates various structural engineering computer programs necessary for the work on hand. Also a professional systems administrator is on-site to provide maintaince and support for all of the latest computer equipment including hardware, software and networking.

Principals, of the firm are registered Civil and Structural Engineers in California. Registration is also held in the numerous other states.

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